Coventry Public Schools Central Registration Office has gone "green". Forms are no longer issued for school registrations and are instead completed via InfoSnap Online Registration Solutions. Please refer to the information below as it pertains to you and your child's registration needs.

For families new to Coventry

Who must register?

All new students entering Coventry Public Schools are required to register with the Central Registration Office.

How do I get my child registered?

  1. Please click here to register and fill-out the required information online via our InfoSnap School Registration System.
  2. Make an appointment to complete the verification portion of your student's registration. You will be able to make an appointment through our online calendar in the InfoSnap School Registration System.

Central Registration Office Information

By appointment only


Coventry Public Schools
1776 Main Street
Coventry, CT 06238

What will I need to bring to my registration appointment for the verification portion?

  1. Parent/Guardian's valid photo identification
  2. Proof of parent/guardian's residency (mortgage statement or lease agreement AND current utility bill)
  3. Student's birth certificate (long form) or valid passport
  4. Student visa, if applicable
  5. Student Records Request form
  6. State of Connecticut DOE Health Assessment Records Parts I, II, II and Immunization Record
  7. Copy of Withdrawal Form from prior school (if available)
  8. Last report card (Grades 1-12)
  9. Transcripts (Grades 9-12)

Residency Requirements

Required Residency documents: Proof of residency in Coventry is determined by providing Central Registration with one (1) mandatory item for Category A and one (1) item from Category B. If unable to provide an item from Category B, two (2) items from Category C are required. Please note that residency documents submitted are required to be less than 60 days old and reflect a current Coventry address.

Category A

  • Mortgage Statement
  • Lease - must be unexpired, signed by lessor/lessee and dated
  • Copy of property deed if no mortgage statement available
  • Section 8 agreement with dates of tenancy
  • Notarized Landlord Residency Affidavit if no lease exists or lease is weekly or month to month (Contact the Coventry Public Schools Registration Office for appropriate documentation)

Category B

Current utility bill or work order showing service address.

Examples include:

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Phone (landline only)
  • Cable or satellite
  • Water

Category C

  • Valid driver's license (stickers not allowed)
  • Valid automobile registration
  • Valid CT DMV non-driver's photo identification with current address
  • Voter registration
  • Current auto or homeowner's insurance declaration page
  • Payroll stub
  • Bank statement or credit card statement
  • Court document
  • Letter from any government agency

With Coventry address and dated for most current tax year

  • W-2 form
  • Auto tax bill
  • Property tax bill

2016-2017 Returning Student Registration

PowerSchool and InfoSnap are now Integrated

This year, returning student registration will be accessed through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. We are hopeful that this change will help make accessing and completing the registration easier.

Please look at the options below to determine the steps you will need to take to access and complete the registration.

I have a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account for all my children

Follow the directions for Accessing InfoSnap through the PowerSchool Parent Portal

My PowerSchool account is not connected to all of my children in district*

Following the directions for Adding a student to your PowerSchool Account

When you are done adding all children to the account, follow the directions for Accessing InfoSnap through the PowerSchool Parent Portal

I do not have a PowerSchool Account*

Follow the directions to Create a PowerSchool Account

Once you are done creating the account, follow the directions for Accessing InfoSnap through the PowerSchool Parent Portal

*Additional information to complete this process has been mailed home on 8/24

What if I am having technical difficulties?

If you hare having any issues while in the process of completing your child's registration, you will need to contact the InfoSnap Technical Support by visiting their website (click here) or clicking on the Contact Us from any Info Snap page.

Student Change of Address

In the event that a student has changed addresses within the town of Coventry, proof of residency for the new address must be on file at your child's school. Please submit your mortgage statement or lease agreement AND a current utility bill for the new address to your child's school. You can do this in one of three ways:

  1. Email registrar at
  2. Fax information to your child's school
  3. Send information into your child's school
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