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Robert Carroll

Director of Finance and Operations
Phone: 860-742-7317

M & J Bus, Inc.

Dave Dexter, Dispatcher
Phone: 860-742-0344

The Coventry Board of Education contracts a private carrier, M & J Bus, Inc., to provide safe and efficient transportation for Coventry students under provisions of state law and regulations.


Resident public students living outside of the following limits, based on the most direct route from the students’ home beginning at a point at the curb or edge of a public road or highway nearest the home to the edge of the school property or bus pickup areas will be furnished transportation by the Board of Education.


  • Kindergarten – Grade 5: 1 mile limit
  • Grades 6 – 8: 1.25 mile limit
  • Grades 9 - 12: 1.5 mile limit

Students living within the stated limits will receive transportation when, in the opinion of the Board, a hazard is present.

In order to maintain regular bus schedules and continue bus routes, students are expected to be waiting at the bus stop for the bus to arrive at its designated time.

2018-2019 Bus Routes

Out-of-Town Transportation Information for Coventry Families

School Closures:

If Coventry schools are closed due to inclement weather or safety concerns there will be no transportation provided out-of-town, even if the school is in session in the destination town where the child attends school.

If schools are open in Coventry, but closed in the town of destination where the child attends school, the student will not be transported.

School Delays:

If school is delayed in Coventry, but not the town of destination where the student attends school, there will be a delay picking up the students. If the school is delayed in the town of destination but not in Coventry, the ride into school will not be delayed. The ride will run at normal time.

Unplanned Early Release:

In the event Coventry schools have an unplanned early release, out-of-town schools will be notified that the students will be picked up and returned to Coventry. All extended day programs will be cancelled and those students will follow Coventry’s early release time.

Lastly, in the past all transportation ceased when Coventry schools closed for any reason. This will remain the case for weather related closures, or safety concerns. However, if Coventry has a “non-weather” related closure, out-of-town transportation MAY still be provided. Announcements regarding these closings, delayed openings, and unplanned early releases will be made via our School Messenger calling system. In addition to broadcasting on various TV and radio stations, all student homes will be phoned by School Messenger.