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It is the goal of the GHR Intermediate School Art Program to provide students with an exceptional art education. I seek to nurture the artistry and creativity in all our students by providing experiences that are fun rewarding and challenging. The commitment is also to create within students a sense of pride and worth that allows them to be the best persons possible as well as the best young artists.

The GHR art curriculum is designed to offer each student the opportunity to study art thematically, incorporating the Connecticut and National Standards for Visual Art Education. Units of study focus on the application of the elements of art and principles of design to create various drawing, painting, ceramic, printmaking and sculpture projects. Many of the units also integrate language arts, science, math, or social studies. This allows students to develop an ability to transfer and apply knowledge from one discipline to another, resulting in authentic cross curricular learning.


The George Hersey Robertson Intermediate School Department is committed to maintaining a music program that will provide students the opportunity to exercise their musical talents according to their individual abilities. Students will create, perform, and respond with understanding to music, regarding the concepts of melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and tone color. Students will be guided toward a lifelong love and appreciation for music by exposure to various genres of music, such as program music, jazz, country, folk, opera, and ballet, as well as Classical, Romantic and Modern period styles.

Grade 3:
The students are introduced to beginning music theory, learning the various symbols that are most commonly used in their songs. They learn to identify notes, rests, the treble staff, line and space names, and to interpret different rhythm patterns using the various note symbols. There are a wide variety of songs, including some in another language. They also learn to identify the four families and names of the instruments.

Grade 4: They sing a variety of styles of songs, including country, and some songs in two parts as an introduction to harmony. They review the symbols of notation begun in grade 3 but in a greater degree. The recorder is introduced as a pre-band instrument. The study of recorder reinforces all they learn about notation. They also have an instrument unit for which the final project is to make a homemade instrument. There is always a great deal of fun with their creations! After the instruments are presented, the class breaks up into small “bands” to create a 45 second piece of music, which is presented to the class.

Grade 5: They not only sing songs and review the music theory symbols, but also study composers throughout the year. They begin with John Philip Sousa, the great American composer who had such a tremendous influence on marching bands. Next they study Saint-Saens and his program music, followed by Tchaikovsky and his “Nutcracker” Ballet. They take a break from composers with a unit on conducting, for which they learn many songs in various meters so they can practice their conducting skills. In March there is a unit on Mozart, learning about this great child prodigy who remains as music’s greatest composer ever. During this time they study opera and attend a live opera performance held in Mansfield. After spring break the remaining unit is the keyboard unit. A keyboard lab is set up in the music room so that 12-13 students work at the instruments at one time. It is a fun way to end the year!!

Physical Education

GHR Rear Entrance

The goal of the Physical Education program is for students to participate in physical activities that increase their fitness, knowledge of movement concepts and skill levels. Students will participate in a variety of activities that focus on the affective, psychomotor, and cognitive development of the child through individual and team sports, as well as lifetime activities., In addition, students will develop an understanding of wellness concepts to enhance levels of physical fitness and to encourage living a physically active, healthy lifestyle. Students fitness levels will be developed through activities based on flexibility, and cardiorespiratory and muscular endurance. Furthermore, students will develop and exhibit teamwork, cooperation, problem solving, and decision making through participation in a variety of games and activities.

Students will be expected to participate in all physical education activities while demonstrating effort and positive sportsmanship. Students will exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in a physical activity environment.

Students will be expected to come prepared for class with the appropriate footwear (sneakers). In the winter, students should always be prepared for the snowshoeing unit by having, snow boots or extra sneakers and socks, snow pants, and a winter jacket.
Red Sox logoVarious sports equipment


The mission of the G.H. Robertson band is to provide all grade 5 students the opportunity to play a band instrument. They will acquire the necessary skills needed to perform in a musical ensemble.

Students will learn basic skills such as developing a correct embouchure, learning correct usage of notation, rhythms, phrasing and dynamics, and basic rehearsal techniques. Singing is an integral part of this program as well.

Emphasis is placed on providing a means to develop aesthetic awareness, sensitivity, and self-expression. This will be accomplished by attending a thirty-minute group lesson and a weekly full band rehearsal. This band performs as a group twice during the school year.

Students will need to rent or borrow an instrument to participate in this program.

Please visit the GHR Band website: GHR 5th Grade Band


Lisa Dutton

Titles: Physical Education Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 860-742-7341 ext. 3184

Carol Gould

Titles: Band Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 860-742-7341 ext. 3173

Elisa Haveles

Titles: General Music and Choral Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 860-742-7341 ext. 3171

Torrie Phillips

Titles: Library Media Specialist
Phone Numbers:
School: 860-742-7313 ext. 2177

Melissa Sposato

Titles: Art Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 860-742-7341 ext. 3312