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The role of the board of education is not to run the individual schools, but to ensure that they are well run. To accomplish this a board makes policies. Policies are the written expression of the board's desires for the district's students. The policy statements of the board serve as a guide to the superintendent and provide him/her with direction, a basis for decision-making, and an imperative for action.


Policies that are up for revision or adoption are reviewed first by the Board’s Policy Committee. They are then brought to the full Board, first for a public warning or reading and then the second time for a final vote of approval. Also of note are Administrative Regulations, which accompany some of the policies. These regulations are approved by the district’s Administrative Council and provide the administration with further direction in carrying out policies.


Statements and Procedures

Coventry Public Schools Equity Statement

Coventry Public Schools Affirmative Action Policy Statement

Connecticut State Department of Education Complaint Resolution Procedure

District Resources Regarding Bullying (in section on our Parent Resources page)


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