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The role of the board of education is not to run the individual schools, but to ensure that they are well run. To accomplish this a board makes policies. Policies are the written expression of the board's desires for the district's students. The policy statements of the board serve as a guide to the superintendent and provide him/her with direction, a basis for decision-making, and an imperative for action.

Policies that are up for revision or adoption are reviewed first by the Board’s Policy Committee. They are then brought to the full Board, first for a public warning or reading and then the second time for a final vote of approval. Also of note are Administrative Regulations, which accompany some of the policies. These regulations are approved by the district’s Administrative Council and provide the administration with further direction in carrying out policies.

Statements and Procedures

Coventry Public Schools Affirmative Action Policy Statement

Connecticut State Department of Education Complaint Resolution Procedure

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1000's - Community

2000's - Administration

3000's - Business

4000's - Personnel

4110 Employment and Student Teacher Checks

4111 Plan for Minority Staff Recruitment

4115.3 Athletic Coaches - Non-Renewal and Termination

4116.1 Non-Discrimination - Personnel

4116.1-A - Admin Reg Non-Discrimination - Personnel

4116.11 - Policy Regarding Employees and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

4116.11-A - Admin Reg Section 504 ADA (Personnel)

4116.2 Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

4116.2-A Administrative Regulations: Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

4116.34 - Reports of Suspected Abuse or Neglect of Adults with an Intellectual Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder

4116.35 Reports of Suspected Abuse or Neglect of Children or Sexual Assault of Students by School Employees

4116.35 - 5142.2 Suicide Prevention and Intervention

4116.36 - 5142.2-A Administrative Regulations: Suicide Prevention and Intervention

4116 Prohibition on Recommendations for Psychotropic Drugs

4118.4 Workplace Privacy Monitoring and Internet Use

4118.5 Employee Use of the District's Computer Systems

4118.5-A Administrative Regulations: Employee Use of District Computer Systems and Electronic Communications

4119 (5) Suspension

4130 Social Media

4130-A Administrative Regulations: Social Media

4131 Professional Development for Educators

4131.5-A Administrative Regulations: Concussion Training for Athletic Coaches

4135 (3) - 4223 (3) Negotiations

4151.2 Family Medical Leave

4211 Hiring of Non-Certified Staff

4216 (33) Regulation Food Service Workers

4216.2 Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug-Free Workplace

5000's - Students

5110 Attendance and Truancy

5110-A Administrative Regulations - Attendance and Truancy

5113B Attendance

5116 School Census

5118 Non-Resident Attendance

5118.1 Homeless Children and Youth

5118.1-A Administrative Regulations - Homeless Students

5118-A Administrative Regulations - Non-Resident Attendance - Tuition Payment Schedule

5122.2 Non-Discrimination Students

5122.2-A Administrative Regulations - Non-Discrimination Students

5122-1 Choice of Studies

5123 Promotion

5124 Reports to Parents

5125 Confidentiality and Access to Education Records (FERPA)

5125-A Administrative Regulations: Confidentiality and Access to Educational Records

5125-1 Student Photographs

5127 Graduation Requirements

5130 Pledge of Allegiance

5131.1a Administrative Regulations - Bus Rules and Regulations

5131.2 Student Use of the District's Computer Systems and Internet Safety

5131.2-A Administrative Regulations - Student Use of the District's Computer Systems and Internet Safety

5131.4 Use of Private Technological Devices by Students

5131.6 Drug and Alcohol Use by Students

5131.7 Bullying Prevention and Intervention Policy

5131.71 Safe School Climate Plan

5131.72 - Child Sexual Abuse and Assault Policy and Reporting Procedures

5131 Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment (1)

5131-1 Bus Conduct

5131-1b Procedures for Handling Misconduct

5131-3 School Driving and Parking

5131-8 Conduct Theft

5131-A Administrative Regulations - Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

5132 Student Dress

5133 Board of Education Student Representative

5134 Social Events

5135-1 Fundraising

5135.1-A - Admin Reg Fundraising

5140.1 Wellness

5141.21 Administration of Student Medications in Schools

5141.3-A Administrative Regulations - Immunizations

5141.21 Administration of Student Medications in the Schools

5141.4 Management Plan and Guidelines for Students with Food Allergies and/or Glycogen Storage Disease

5141.5 Suncreen Application in School

5141.5-A Administrative Regulations - Students Sunscreen Application in School

5142-A Administrative Regulations - Health Assessments and Screenings

5143 Restraint and Seclusion

5143-A Administrative Regulations - Restraint and Seclusion and Exclusionary Time Out

5144 Student Discipline

5145 Section 504 Rehabilitation Act of 1973

5145-A - Admin Reg - Section 504 ADA

5145.1-A Administrative Regulation - Search and Seizure

5145.1 Search and Seizure

5145.4 Student Privacy

5145.5 Uniform Treatment of Recruiters

5146 Physical Activity and Student Discipline

6000's - Instruction

7000's - New Construction

8000's - Internal Board Policies

9000's - Bylaws of the Board