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2018-2021 Technology Plan

Coventry Public Schools achieved the goals put forth in our 2015-2018 District Technology Plan through collaboration and hard work. To best prepare for the 2018-2021 plan, we examined where we are currently as a district as well as explored new and emerging trends in educational technology. These factors coupled with examining the goals of our state help us best plan for the next three years. Working with the District Technology Committee, the Curriculum Cabinet and district administration, we examined this data, surveyed stakeholders, developed goals and brainstormed action steps in the development of our 2018-2021 plan.

District Plan


Today’s students must be prepared to thrive in a constantly evolving technological landscape.

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Aligned with our district mission to prepare every student for life, learning and work in the 21st century, the goal of our district technology plan is to ensure that all students are afforded the opportunity to work with technology in meaningful ways to enrich and enhance their learning experiences. Achieving this will require collective efforts on the part of all stakeholders within the learning community to constantly research and explore new and innovative ways to integrate technology tools to prepare our students to be responsible, ethical and active citizens. To accomplish this, our Integration goals focus on the following:

  • Innovation
  • Ethical use
  • Alignment to federal, state and local standards
  • Integration of technology skills into all curricular areas
  • Assessment of skills through common, standards-based rubrics
  • Development of a K-12 Library Media Curriculum
  • Utilizing technology to enhance communication and collaboration
  • Increase vocational opportunities for our students
  • Explore technology use to help support all learners
  • Continued analysis of existing programming to ensure it is best meeting our needs and goals

Professional Development

All the technology in the world won’t make a difference if educators don’t know how to leverage it for deeper learning. Buying hardware is only the first step. It’s what educators do with these tools that will determine a technology initiative’s success or failure.

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According to John Hattie, renowned educational researcher, Collective teacher efficacy has an effect size of 1.57 (Waack, 2018) with an effect size of .4 being equivalent to 1 year. That said, teacher professional development plays a crucial role in the learning of our students. To attain our goal of preparing students to be successful in the 21st century we therefore must also ensure our teachers are supported with professional learning opportunities that support and complement these efforts. To accomplish this, our Professional Development goals focus on the following:

  • Ethical and responsible use of technology with a clear understanding of district, state and local guidelines pertaining to student data privacy
  • Collaborative opportunities to support innovative practice
  • Embedded support with our Educational Technology Coach
  • Exploring incentive programs to recognize teacher accomplishments and learning
  • Exploring alternative options for professional development
  • Aligning technology professional development with other district initiatives
  • Collaborating to embed technology integration questions into the interview process for new teachers

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When planning for technology implementation, it’s imperative to consider not only the number of technology devices you need but also how you can leverage available digital resources to meet learning and teaching goals.

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In order to achieve any integration and professional goals we may have, the infrastructure must be structured and designed to support learning today and for the future. Plans regarding infrastructure must take into account the ever-evolving nature of technology from all aspects. To accomplish this, our Infrastructure goals focus on the following:

  • Continuing to take advantage of Erate and other available funding sources
  • Exploring the integration of innovative learning spaces
  • Examining pursuit of the Trusted Learning Environment seal
  • Refining disaster recovery and breach response plans and protocols
  • Evaluating new and emerging technologies regarding infrastructure and equipment
  • Exploring safety management tools
  • Refining staff and student policies


Technology bridges the gap between school and home, creating a world where students are surrounded by learning opportunities at all times. To truly leverage the power of educational technology, educators need support from families and the community at large.

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A positive, reciprocal relationship between school and community is essential for long-term success. Through this technology plan, we look to collaborate with community members to help further support learners throughout the Coventry community. To accomplish this, our Community goals focus on the following:

  • Exploring community partnerships to provide technology experiences
  • Explore resources and options to facilitate access for families in ened
  • Explore university, community and area district partnerships to support enhanced integration.
  • Explore parent and community technology sessions
  • Pursue grant funding options