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William Trudelle

Director of Physical Plant & Facilities

Coventry, CT 06238
Phone: 860-742-4525
Fax: 860-742-5505

Facilities Department Update - Fall 2019

Mission Statement

The mission of this department is to provide a clean, healthy and well maintained environment to facilitate advancement of the educational process and provide the support services needed to help promote initiatives of the schools and community. We operate under the belief that the learning experience is enhanced and students perform better academically when the learning environment reflects pride, respect and promotes self-esteem. We continually work toward improving efficiencies and operating the buildings in a cost effective manner while meeting the changing needs of the district.

Healthy Buildings (Including Asbestos Plan)

We strive to make the building interior environments healthy. We follow top industry standards in regard to filter changes, air exchange, mold prevention and cleaning practices. Our vacuum cleaners have four stages of filters designed to filter down to one micron. The Facilities department works closely with the School Safety Committee to review safe work practices for handling products brought into the schools.

Staff and students are encouraged to wear weather appropriate attire, especially during the changing seasons. In the fall and spring it is especially hard to find the comfort balance to keep everyone satisfied. Keep in mind, we are bringing in fresh air as well as heating.

Notification Concerning Asbestos Management Plans

The Board of Education, in compliance with federal law, has developed an asbestos management plan, concerning the presence or suspected presence of asbestos-type materials within district school buildings, and required inspections and preventative measures related thereto. In accordance with federal law, members of the public, including parents, teachers and other employees, shall be permitted access to the asbestos management plan of the Coventry Board of Education.

Upon request, the district shall permit members of the public, including parents, teachers and other employees, to inspect any asbestos management plan. The district shall grant access to such management plans within a reasonable period of time after a request from a member of the public is received.

Integrated Pest Management

We have endorsed and followed the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policy since 2000. Each year staff and parents of students have the opportunity to sign and submit a form requiring that they be informed when a pesticide application is to be made at their particular school. It is included with each school handbook sent out at the beginning of the school year.

We have essentially halted the use of residual pesticide applications. We operate under the belief that we share the environment with a variety of species and that a certain amount of tolerance is due. Our first line of defense is to remove crumbs and food sources and to seal cracks and means of entry. When it has proven absolutely necessary, the use of baits and traps has been used. We feel that this change in operation has made a big difference over the old method of monthly pesticide applications that was typical in schools.


Items we recycle:

  • Paper – everything except hand towels and toilet tissue.
  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Cardboard
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Electronics
  • Batteries

Rules/Respect of Property

Our schools and land are community assets. It is up to all of us to do our part to keep them in good condition for future use. Follow rules as posted and show respect to others while using these resources. Please report damage or dangerous behavior that you see to the Facilities department at 742-4525.

In facilities or on the grounds:

  • No smoking
  • No alcohol or illegal substances
  • No weapons
  • Dispose of trash properly or take it away with you
  • Don’t use fields that are vulnerable due to saturation
  • Help us avoid very expensive repairs - follow rules posted for the high school track
  • No golfing on playing fields – lost golf balls could cause serious and permanent injuries to school athletes

Security/Video Surveillance

All schools have a monitored burglar alarm and fire alarm system. Electronic entry devises provide a means for school athletic teams and youth sports groups to gain access to the facilities after hours and weekends.

Through a security grant, we are in the process of installing video cameras in the middle school and high school. These devises have become commonplace in today’s society. This is being done to enhance security within the building.

Trash and Bulk Removal Dumpsters

Trash dumpsters are for disposal of school waste only. They are not available for residents to dispose of household waste or construction debris. Misuse costs us extra money.

Roll-off containers or dumpsters that we get from time to time for removal of construction debris or broken furniture are sized to accommodate our needs. Unauthorized use by residents can incur us substantial extra costs.

Water/Sewer Systems

Water testing is done in accordance with DPH schedules. Notification would alert you if a problem is ever found with the drinking water.

Coventry Grammar School has a septic system. All other district locations are connected to the town sewer system. Waste water from the science labs at the high school pass through a neutralization tank before entering the sewer system.

Green Cleaning Program

The State of Connecticut is requiring that each local and regional board of education implement a green cleaning program for all school buildings and facilities in its district.

The Coventry Public Schools is committed to the implementation of this law by providing the staff and, upon request, the parents and guardians of each child enrolled in each school with a written statement of the school district’s green cleaning program as well as making it available on its web site annually. The policy will also be distributed to new staff hired during the school year and to parents or guardians of students transferring in during the school year.

Coventry Public Schools Green Cleaning Program

Please watch the video produced by the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) in conjunction with the CT DPH with funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency below to learn more about Green Cleaning.

Employment/Volunteer Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Please apply online through our AppliTrack system. Applications are saved for a period of six months. Interested parties are encouraged to update applications as appropriate, so that we may have your latest employment information.

Community Service and Volunteer Opportunities

Often we can provide an opportunity for students and residents to fulfill community service obligations. Grounds and courtyard clean-ups, assisting with volunteer group projects and general duty tasks offer a good opportunity to be of service to the community. Call 742-4525 or email William Trudelle at for more information.


Contractors hired by this department are expected to follow all the rules and regulations put in place by the Board of Education. All safety regulations must be adhered to and respectful behavior shall be used at all times. During school hours, contractors must check in at the schools’ main office before proceeding with work.

Coventry Public Schools Equal Opportunity Employer Information.

Schedule Requests

Schedule Request Link - SchoolDude

The first time you use the system you must enter the account number: 505442108

Enter your email address.

You will see New Schedule: Normal, Irregular, and Recurring.

  • Normal Schedule – Most requests will be made from this link
  • Recurring Schedule – Use if you are putting in a request for the same day for a select number of weeks (ex., every Tuesday from Oct. 6 - Dec. 8)
  • Irregular Schedule – Use when requesting different rooms in the same facility.

Choose the schedule you want to use and fill out the required information

"The Complex" in the Location dropdown menu is the area between CHS and CNH where the auditorium is located. The password is: password.

You will receive emails as your request is approved by the required people and then a final email showing all approvals and that the request is activated. Your request is then confirmed.

If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Amelotte at or 860.742.4525.

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