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Coventry Public Schools Challenge and Enrichment program offers many opportunities for students to enrich their minds and practice critical thinking skills. Teachers work with specified groups of students who have been identified through an evaluation system utilizing the Renzulli Gifted and Talented philosophy. In addition, they strive to reach children outside of this spectrum with additional programs and interest groups.

Gifted & Talented in Coventry

Pursuant to CT State Law, each year school districts must identify students who are deemed to be gifted and/or talented. Although identification of children who are deemed gifted and/or talented is required by state law, state law does not mandate school districts to provide services for those identified as “Gifted and Talented.”
CT State Law

Although programming is not required by federal or state law, Coventry is fortunate to have a rigorous and thorough enrichment program! At Coventry Grammar School (CGS), first and second grade classrooms engage in engineering units and computer science with our Challenge & Enrichment teacher.

In third grade at George H. Robertson School (GHR) students begin the screening process for identification. Once a child is identified as gifted and/or talented, they are eligible to participate in a pull-out program once a week. Interest groups are also offered to students in multiple areas of learning; such as, math, science, engineering, STEM, art, writing and Future Problem Solvers.

Individual interest projects, school-wide enrichment opportunities, and after school clubs allow students to have choice in regard to their extended learning at Capt. Nathan Hale Middle School (CNH). Students that have been identified at GHR as gifted and/or talented have the opportunity to further their research and writing skills by participating in the Future Problem Solvers Program in several different capacities.

As students enter high school, many rigorous options open up to them through curricular and extracurricular programs. Students can pursue Pre-Advanced Placement, Honors Level, and Advanced Placement Courses, or individualized independent study. Coventry High School also collaborates with the University of Connecticut, Manchester Community College, Eastern Connecticut State University, and Goodwin University offering dual enrollment courses that allow students to earn transferable college level credits as juniors and seniors.

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