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New Student Registration

Welcome to Coventry Public Schools!

Coventry Public Schools, located in eastern Connecticut, is committed to ensuring that every school-aged child residing within the school district has equal access to public education. We look forward to working with you throughout the enrollment process.

Who must register?

All new students entering Coventry Public Schools (PreK-12) are required to register.

If you have any registration questions

Please contact the Registrar at (860) 742-7346 x4269 or at If you need technical assistance with completing the forms, or need help creating/adding a student to your account, please email us at


Required Registration Documents


1. Student’s birth certificate or valid passport 

2. Proof of parent/guardian’s residency in Coventry, CT - Proof of residency in Coventry is determined by providing Central Registration with 2 documents:  one (1) mandatory item from Category A AND one (1) mandatory item from Category B.  Please note that residency documents submitted are required to be less than 60 days old and reflect a current Coventry address.

Category A:  Mortgage statement; unexpired signed lease agreement; copy of property deed; or Notarized Certification of Residency form and supporting documents if no lease exists or lease is weekly or month to month..

Category B: Utility bill (i.e. electric, gas, cable, water); payroll stub; bank/credit card statement; auto tax bill; or property tax bill

When completing the online forms, you will have the opportunity to upload your documents. If you are unable to use this feature, or need to submit documents at a later date, please know there is a lockbox at the main entrance of your child’s school. Please make sure to drop the documents off at the appropriate school for your child.

If you have any questions regarding requested documentation, please contact our registrar at (860)742-7346 x4278.  


Health Information


Additional information regarding the required health documentation that must be submitted prior to your child starting school can be found on the Registration - Health Form Requirements page of our website.




Coventry Public Schools registration practices are in compliance with the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact our Pupil & Staff Support Services Office at 860-742-7317 ext. 4 .