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Pupil and Staff Support Services Goals 2019-2020

The Coventry Public School District is dedicated to providing successful, exciting, and beneficial learning experiences for all children. Our administrators, teachers, and support staff have worked collaboratively to develop a wide variety of programs and services to meet each child’s unique learning needs.

The goal of our Pupil and Staff Support Services program is to provide equal access and equal opportunities for all Coventry school children in the least restrictive environment. We are proud to accept the ongoing challenge to maintain a continuum of educational services that provide a free, appropriate education for children who are entrusted to us each day.

Included on this website is a brief description of the process for referring a student to special education and the variety of special educational services offered. As you read the information, please realize that you play a key role in helping to design an effective educational plan for your child. Join us as we strive to create excellent school experiences. Your involvement will certainly enhance our ability to help all students succeed in school!

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Coventry Public Schools Pupil & Staff Support Services Department is to provide a free, appropriate public education for students with disabilities ages three to twenty-one. The PSSS department, in coordination with building administrators is responsible for the referral, identification and programming for students with disabilities who require special education instruction and related services. Special education and related services are provided in full compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA, 2004), Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), and Connecticut General Statutes 10-76 a-j.

Referral Process

When a student is having difficulty in school, general-education interventions are implemented prior to any referral process. If you have concerns at any time, you may contact your child’s school. Information about the referral process and what you can expect may be found in the following (external links below will open in a new tab):

A hard copy can also be requested by contacting the office of Pupil and Staff Support Services at 860.742.7317 ext. 4. Additionally, a meeting can be arranged with a member of the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) to further explain the PPT process or review your specific concerns about your child prior to the referral PPT meeting by contacting you child’s school.

If the referral PPT determines that evaluations will be completed, you may request to have the results of the assessments and evaluations provided to you three days prior to the PPT where the results will be discussed for the first time.

Coventry Special Education Parent Group

Welcome to Coventry Bridges, a Special Education Parent Group within the school district who are interested in learning more about special education. Our goal is to bring together parents, families and teachers of children with special needs to share their experiences and provide support to one another.

Meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the last Monday of the month at the G.H. Robertson Intermediate School. Anyone is invited to attend.

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Meeting Dates

2019-2020 Meeting Dates


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PPT Handouts

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Steps to Getting Services

Medical Plans

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Workshops for Parents

Procedural Safeguards

The parent/guardian of a child who requires or who may require special education is guaranteed procedural safeguards in accordance with the federal law entitled “Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act” (IDEIA, as reauthorized in December 2004) and with Connecticut state laws and regulations concerning children regarding special education. A copy of your rights, Procedural Safeguards Notice Under IDEA Part B must be given to parents/guardians upon referral, annually and at other times as required by law. It is also available by calling the office of Pupil and Staff Support Services at 860-742-7317 ext. 4 or online at the links below (external links will open in new tabs):

Planning and Placement Team

The assessment and identification of a student for special education services, the review and modification of a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), and the dismissal of a student from special education services must take place at a PPT meeting. Each team includes representatives of regular education and special education within the student’s school. Parents/guardians are invited to all PPT meetings, and are integrated parts of the team.

Continuum of Special Education Services

Coventry Early Intervention

Students, ages three and four, are serviced by the Hale Early Education Center (HEEC). Staff work to identify educationally “at risk” and special needs children and provide assistance and support to these children and to their families.

HEEC offers developmental screenings, evaluations, parent/guardian support, and information to assist parents/guardians. One community screen is held in the fall and is open to all Coventry residents. A second screening occurs in the spring for students newly enrolled at HEEC. Parents/guardians, however, may refer children to HEEC at any time during the school year if they have concerns about their child’s development.

HEEC provides a continuum of services for the town’s preschool population who experience special needs. For some children with mild needs, services may be provided through an itinerant program. Preschool children who display moderate to significant delays may attend HEEC in part-day or school-day classes. All programs are developed based on individual needs.

Coventry Public Schools works to provide inclusive educational opportunities for all students.

Grades K-12

As students enter grades K to 12, their individual identified needs are addressed within the continuum of educational services provided in special education as well as in general education settings. The instruction for students is a cooperative effort involving all staff, families, and the Coventry community. Depending on the extent of services needed, a student will be instructed within the following continuum of services:

General Education Classroom with Collaborative Support

These students are placed in general education classrooms, and are taught by both general education and special education teachers and staff. Instruction is a collaborative effort providing increased support for the students within an inclusive environment.

General Education Classroom with Resource Room Support

These students are in the general education setting for the majority of the school day. Specialized instruction is offered in the Resource Room by the special education teacher and staff addressing the student’s specific needs that cannot be provided within the general education setting.

Learning Centers/Transition Rooms

These programs provide more intensive support required by some students to be successful in the general education curriculum. Opportunities are provided for these students to interact with general education students. The amount of time spent in the general education environment is determined on an individual basis at each student’s PPT.

Coventry Academy

This Alternative Learning Program is designed to assist high school students in achieving the goal of graduating while developing the necessary job skills to become successful, independent adults. Our alternative learning staff members assist each student in developing positive character and self-esteem by focusing on his/her abilities and interests.


The extent of the student’s special education needs requires a very restrictive or very specialized environment not offered within the Coventry School District.

Post-Secondary Transition Planning

Transition planning for all students with disabilities includes a variety of services related to post-secondary education, employment and independent living. The PPT will determine student needs and services on an individual basis.

Related Services

The following services may be included on an IEP based on the identified needs of a student.

Speech and Language

Speech and language pathologists provide assessment, analysis, and remediation that lead to improvement of communication skills and correction of speech and/or language problems. Services also include collaboration with parents/guardians, teachers and other school personnel and, in individual cases, coordinates with community agencies.

Occupational and Physical Therapy

Occupational and physical therapy services are provided to children with physical, cognitive, sensory-integrative, and/or learning disabilities as required to allow the child to benefit from his/her educational program. Therapists provide collaborative consultation with school staff, administrators, parents and outside agencies. Formal and informal consultations with school personnel and parents/guardians increase awareness and provide the rational for therapeutic interventions.


School psychologists are diagnosticians and mental health consultants in the school system. Through individual psychological testing and other diagnostic techniques, information about possible causes of difficulties can be examined and various forms of educational interventions can be initiated. Group and individual counseling are provided to students who require such services. The school psychologists work collaboratively with staff and parents recommending special services, programs, and modifications to existing programs.

Social Work

Social workers offer a wide variety of services to students at all grade levels as well as to parents/guardians. Assessment and consultation aid in the identification of social, emotional, personal, educational, or financial conditions that may impact a student’s availability to learn. Individual and group counseling support the ability of each student to participate in their education. Family support, home visits, and education are offered in the hope of strengthening parenting skills and the family unit. Information and referral assistance are also offered to enable families to access appropriate community resources.


Guidance counselors help students learn to self-advocate and make appropriate decisions about course and school choices, careers, and life goals. Guidance counselors assist all students in the identification and development of their interests and aptitudes.

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