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Dr. Beth Giller

Director of Pupil & Staff Support Services


1700 Main Street
Coventry, CT 06238
Phone: 860-742-7317 ext.4
Fax: 860-742-4567

Pupil and Staff Support Services Goals 2022-2023

The Coventry Public School District is dedicated to providing successful, exciting, and beneficial learning experiences for all children. Our administrators, teachers, and support staff have worked collaboratively to develop a wide variety of programs and services to meet each child’s unique learning needs.

The goal of our Pupil and Staff Support Services program is to provide equal access and equal opportunities for all Coventry school children in the least restrictive environment. We are proud to accept the ongoing challenge to maintain a continuum of educational services that provide a free, appropriate education for children who are entrusted to us each day.

Included on this website is a brief description of the process for referring a student to special education and the variety of special educational services offered. As you read the information, please realize that you play a key role in helping to design an effective educational plan for your child. Join us as we strive to create excellent school experiences. Your involvement will certainly enhance our ability to help all students succeed in school!

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