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It is the Mission of the Coventry Public Schools to prepare every student for life, learning and work in the 21st century. As Superintendent of Schools, I am determined to see that Coventry creates a learning environment where this is more than possible – it is the standard for each classroom.

Coventry is a community with a unique profile. We have close to 1,700 students enrolled in our public school system, which consists of a diverse population in a rural area. Despite various differences, there is one important quality that unites all of our students – the potential to reach peak academic performance. Our administrative team is making sure our students, teachers, and support staff have the tools they need to generate each child’s full academic potential.

If you have not done so already, I encourage you to visit any one of our schools and see our programs in action. Visit with the principals and talk with teachers and students to get an up close and personal feel for the outstanding programs Coventry has to offer. In addition, please know I am always available for conversation. Do not hesitate to contact my office if you wish to discuss any facet of Coventry’s instructional organization.

Our educational system strengthens students’ knowledge and confidence in core academic subjects and equips them with 21st century skills. Always a work in progress, our curriculum is being designed to compel students to move towards reaching their life goals. We want our Coventry children to be competitive, productive members of the new global society.

I am privileged to have this wonderful opportunity to serve as the leader of this school district. As your Superintendent, I plan to continue to work collaboratively with the community, parents, students, and our school staff as we strive to make Coventry Public Schools one of Connecticut’s most outstanding districts. Thank you for your strong support of our schools.


David J. Petrone, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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Superintendent's Goal Presentation 2020-2021 School Year