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Michele Mullaly

Director of Teaching and Learning

1700 Main Street
Coventry, CT 06238
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Welcome to Teaching and Learning for Coventry Public Schools! The focus of the Director of Teaching and Learning is on the development of an outstanding educational program to support all Coventry students in reaching high levels of achievement and in acquiring the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for life, learning, and work in the 21st century. We are proud of our students’ many achievements, the instruction provided by our teachers, and the wide breadth of educational programs and opportunities offered in our schools. Through the collaborative efforts of parents, students, schools, and the community, we have fostered an exemplary learning community which supports innovation and is committed to challenging all learners.

Coventry Public Schools continues the implementation of the Connecticut Core Standards into teaching and learning and the alignment of instruction and assessment practices to the standards. We will continue to evaluate and revise our curriculum utilizing Larry Ainsworth’s Rigorous Curriculum Design Model which is constructed to connect standards, instruction, and assessment in unit design to promote the acquisition of 21st century skills and prepare students to be career and college ready upon graduation.

As our school system designs curriculum and instruction to promote continued high achievement especially in the core areas of literacy, mathematics, and science, we have also identified the integration of 21st century skills into teaching and learning across the grade levels and in all subjects as an area of focus. To support achievement of these goals, we will coordinate our professional development program to align to them, utilize them in developing our instructional budget proposal, align our teacher evaluation goals to them, and design programs and initiatives in support of them.

We will continue to offer our students welcome and nurturing classroom environments in which our teachers encourage students to problem solve, think critically, collaborate with others, and utilize technology to research, create, and present meaningful student work for real-world audiences. We have high expectations for all students and strive to support positive school climates that engage all learners and prepare them for life, learning, and work in the 21st century!