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Vision Statement

“The Coventry Public Schools will prepare every student for life, learning and work in the 21st century.”
Mission Statement - Coventry Public Schools

Our Vision

The Curriculum Department’s vision is that the Coventry Public Schools will become an exemplary learning community that supports innovation and is committed to challenging all learners. Through collaboration, our learning community will develop curriculum, instructional strategies and assessments that ensure that all students learn and are college and career ready. We have a vision that curriculum will be challenging and foster the attitude of life-long learning.

In order to achieve this goal we must shape instruction by:

  • developing a curriculum which is meaningful and emphasizes active participation in real life experiences so that all students find their studies to be purposeful and see the interdisciplinary connections
  • developing a sense of responsibility to self, others and for learning
  • emphasizing skills and attitudes which enable students to think critically, creatively and constructively
  • Furthermore, in order to become an exemplary learning community we must:
  • create a collaborative culture which fosters instructional collaboration and builds a culture of trust, mutual respect and empathy
  • implement a rigorous curriculum designed to ensure that all students have opportunities to exceed state, local and national standards
  • ensure that assessments are based on current research, consider all learning styles and include multiple levels of thinking
  • maintain a climate of joy and inquiry that engages all learners