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2024 CABE Student Leadership Awards

Paula Sandahl

Natalie Entwistle and Leon Hart-Brewton, Grade 8 students at the Capt. Nathan Hale School, along with Anaka Eaton and Kai Mitchell, Grade 12 students at Coventry High School, were recently recognized by the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) with a Student Leadership Award. These students exhibit the following leadership skills both in school and in the community:

• Willingness to take on challenges
• Capability to make difficult decisions
• Concern for others
• Ability to work with others
• Willingness to commit to a project
• Diplomacy
• Ability to understand issues clearly
• Ability to honor a commitment

The students were nominated for this award by Capt. Nathan Hale School Principal, Ross Sward and Coventry High School Principal, Joseph Blake.

Coventry Superintendent, Dr. David Petrone, and the Board of Education recognized these students at the May 9, 2024, Board of Education Meeting.

This information was provided by the Superintendent’s Office. For further information, please contact Dr. David J. Petrone at or by calling 860-742-7317, Ext. 2.

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