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Paula Sandahl

In 1998, the Coventry Grammar School was in desperate need of a new sign. Eagle Scout and Coventry student, Michael Sobol decided he would tackle this task as part of his Eagle Scout service project. With the help of family, friends, and fellow scouts, Mike built the Coventry Grammar School sign with its iconic yellow pencils holding it firmly in the ground.

After 25 years of being subjected to the harsh New England weather, the sign completed its service to Coventry and has been replaced with a multipurpose sign consistent with other school signs in town. Before the old sign was removed, Mike Sobol, still a Coventry resident with children of his own in the school system, stopped by for one more look.

CGS Sign as of 1998

Michael Sobol in 1998







Mr. Sobol said in a statement, “It was bittersweet to watch the sign I built 25 years ago for my Eagle Scout project be removed. … The iconic bright yellow pencils gracing the sides of the sign with its distinctive green and gold lettering identifying the school were a part of many first day of school pictures including my own daughters Aliza and Zoey. I am grateful that they have grown up with it and will always remember it. Coventry schools are continually evolving to keep pace with this ever-changing world. The standardization of
signage for all of Coventry’s four schools was imminent.”

CGS Sign in 2023

Michael Sobol in 2023








The new Coventry Grammar School sign was installed this week.







This information was provided by the Superintendent’s Office. For further information, please contact Dr. David J. Petrone at 860-742-7317 x2.

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