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CPS Director of Finance Recognized by CASBO

Paula Sandahl


The Connecticut Association of School Business Officials (CASBO) has chosen Robert Carroll,  Coventry Public Schools’ Director of Finance and Operations, for the 2021 Best Practices Award.  The eligibility for this award required that the nominees must have developed and executed an outstanding practice or new idea.  

The application submitted highlighted Mr. Carroll’s pivotal role in the creation of the district’s  Private Lit Leased Fiber Optic Network which provides fiber-optic Internet and streaming  services for the Coventry school district. This 20 year service agreement saved the district over  $40,000 yearly on a network exclusive to Coventry Public Schools. This exclusivity allows for  increased ability to access high level technology for district staff, students, and administrators.  This initiative came at an opportune time, as no one could have anticipated the need for Internet  that would come with the COVID-19 health pandemic.  

The award was presented on Friday, June 4, 2021 at the CASBO Leadership Training & President’s  Luncheon. Mr. Carroll will also be recognized by the Coventry Board of Education at their June  10, 2021 meeting.  


This information was provided by Dr. David J. Petrone. For further information, please  contact Dr. Petrone at 860-742-7317 x2. 

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