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Field Day!

Paula Sandahl

Happy Field Day Eve,

We appreciate your support and assistance in making Field Day a great experience for all.

1.       A reminder of the color your child’s class has been invited to wear.

  • 1.       RED: McConnell, Bosco and Chirico
  • 2.       ORANGE: McPeck, Hazzard and Poulin
  • 3.       YELLOW: Gowisnock, Ricciardone and Zygulski
  • 4.       GREEN: Bertora, Carini and Watson
  • 5.       BLUE: Waldo, Knauf and Emerson
  • 6.       PURPLE: Puccia, DuBois and Hosey
  • 7.       PINK: Jensen

2.       Students are welcome to wear hats.

3.       It is helpful to place your child’s name on common items (i.e. water bottle).

4.       If using sunscreen, apply at home.

5.       All students will be eating lunch in the school with their class.

6.       All visitors and chaperones will be welcome when students are outside.

  • 1.       Kindergarten Outside Times: 10-11:45 and 1:30-2:15
  • 2.       Grade One Outside Times: 9-11:45
  • 3.       Grade Two Outside Times: 9-10:45 and 1:30-2:15

Let the fun begin!

Ronda Carrie



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