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Illuminate Education Notification

Catherine Drury


October 31, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Per legislation, we are required to notify parents of any educational resources used within the district that have had data breaches.  We are writing to inform you that data from Illuminate Education was breached through a third party application.  Illuminate Education is a company that provides applications and technology support to school districts, including eduCLIMBER which is used in our district.  Kirkland & Ellis, a firm that represented Illuminate Education, notified us of the breach.  Data impacted for affected individuals included name, student ID and date of birth. 

Coventry Public Schools is working in partnership with Illuminate Education, Kirkland & Ellis, and Kroll (an Identity Monitoring service) to help support affected families with this incident.  Affected families will be receiving a mailing from Kroll offering those children complimentary access to 12 months of identity monitoring services through Kroll.  The letters will contain information on how to enroll if you elect to do so, along with additional information regarding data privacy.

Coventry Public Schools treats the privacy of our students with the utmost priority.  You will be notified immediately if there are any changes to this situation.

Thank you,

Coventry Public Schools

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