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Important Update from Coventry Public Schools Food Services

Paula Sandahl

Dear Coventry Families,

We are excited to inform you that starting July 1, 2024, the School Nutrition Service is rolling out a new software system at all Coventry Schools, called School Café.

This new system contains a free and easy app called “School Café Family Hub” which will make online payments easier for parents. You can download the app to your phone and/or access from a website. You will be able to use this to add money to your child’s lunch account instantly and easily, any time after July 1.

The “School Café Family Hub” will replace the myschoolaccount system that is currently in use for online payments. You may still send cash or checks into school with students to make a payment at any time.

Once you are in the Family Hub portal, you will discover a world of possibilities:

  • Set up one-time or recurring payments for your child's meals. (Fees per payment are $2.25 for transactions up to $100.00, $2.95 for deposits over $100.00 for both credit and debit.)
  • Effortlessly view past transactions
  • Establish spending limits
  • Transfer funds between students
  • Receive handy low-balance notifications

After June 30, existing money on students' accounts from our current lunch program will transfer to School Café. While you cannot deposit new money on accounts online until July 1st, you can get started now by simply downloading the “School Café Family Hub” app on your smartphone (Android or iPhone), or by accessing it from your computer at, and registering for a free account.

School Café puts you in control, making it easier than ever to manage your student's lunch account. It takes the guesswork out of your child’s lunch account and payments; you can add money and see what they are purchasing easily. You can also set spending limits, if you wish. Funds deposited on accounts online or through the app will be visible on your student’s account immediately. School Café Family Hub flyer

At the register, there will be a few different ways that students can access their accounts. Students will be able to punch in their five- or six-digit student ID on the pin pad. We are also working on setting up bar codes and QR codes to scan. Students at CNHS and CHS will have the option of scanning a QR code on their phones. More information will be sent home prior to the start of school on these options, as well as each student’s individual ID number.

We are very confident that the program will be easy to use and much more convenient for families, however if you need assistance please contact the food service department with any questions or concerns at or You can also visit our website at for a link to additional helpful documents and information about using School Café Family Hub.

Thank you,

Beth Pratt, School Nutrition Director
Dorothy Garfield, School Nutrition Assistant

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