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Start of the 2022-23 School Year

Paula Sandahl

Dear Coventry Families,
I hope this email finds everyone well and that a safe and productive summer break was had by all.  As we are getting very close to the start of the school year, I wanted to provide you with a brief  update.

Launching into Healthy Learning

In-person learning provides the greatest benefit to children for their academic, social, emotional,  and physical wellbeing. As we transition away from the COVID-19 protocols of the past couple of  years and return to a more “normal” school experience, Coventry Public Schools is committed to  supporting the health and wellbeing of students and staff. As with other respiratory illnesses, we  anticipate community levels of COVID-19 to vary throughout the academic year and beyond. As such,  the district must plan accordingly.

Coventry Public Schools works closely with the local health department (the Eastern Highlands  Health District - EHHD), the State Department of Education (SDE), and the Connecticut Department of  Public Health (DPH) to monitor potential outbreaks and provide mitigation as needed. Our present  strategy is in line with the Center of Disease Control (CDC) recommendations including: encouraging  student and staff vaccinations for COVID-19 and influenza; supporting the use of masks for those  who choose to wear them; supporting wearing a mask due to illness or exposure; maintaining  ventilation systems per state guidelines; conducting routine cleaning/disinfecting of high-touch  surfaces (includes use of ultraviolet disinfectant lights) regardless of community COVID-19 and  influenza levels; and providing state-issued COVID-19 self-test kits for those with respiratory symptoms or exposure.

To help reduce illness in our community, kindly keep your child home for 24 hours after a fever  (100℉ or higher) and for vomiting or diarrhea, and notify the school nurse. To reduce the spread of  COVID-19, the DPH recommends wearing a mask and self-testing everyday if presenting with  respiratory symptoms. If symptomatic after a household (or significant) COVID-19 exposure, 
individuals should remain home and self-test or consult a healthcare provider. Anyone testing  positive for COVID-19 should isolate at home for 5 days and wear a mask for the following 5 days  while at school. School nurses are available to assist with quarantine and isolation  recommendations. The district will be receiving self-test kits from the state. These will be provided to families through the schools’ nurses offices.

Once the school year is underway, COVID-19 Bulletins will resume and will be sent to all parents on a bi-weekly basis.

Administrative Update

Ross Sward has assumed the role of Principal at the Capt. Nathan Hale Middle School and Dena  DeJulius has been assigned the responsibilities of Assistant Principal at Coventry High School. The district’s approach to providing the best programming and delivery of services, is to evaluate  every aspect of the system as a whole and from time to time make refinements. This change is an  example of this approach, as I believe both Ms. DeJulius and Mr. Sward will bring a variety of  experiences and strong skill sets to support students, staff, and parents in their new roles.

Facilities Projects

The Facilities Department has been working on a number of projects this summer. A few highlights  are as follows:

● Roof work at both the G. H. Robertson School and Coventry High School began early this summer.  This work will continue until school starts and then resume again next summer.
● There have been several security enhancements completed over the last two months.
● A small addition to Coventry Academy is well underway and will be completed before school begins.

We are looking forward to all Coventry students returning for in-person learning on Wednesday,  August 31, 2022. Have a great year!


David J. Petrone, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Coventry Public Schools
1700 Main Street
Coventry, CT 06238
Tel: (860) 742-7317 x2
Fax: (860) 742-4567

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