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Heidi Davis, Principal



It has been an amazing 3 months since joining the Coventry Public Schools community! This summer I met 1:1 with CGS staff to begin to get to know everyone on a personal and professional level. I hosted a “Popcorn with the Principal” and Principal’s picnic to meet families and children… These events were well attended and it was a joy to meet the children and their families prior to the start of school. A bit about me:  Over the past twenty years I have taught grades 1-5 and have served as an Assistant Principal and Principal. My most recent role was as a District K-5 Literacy Coordinator. I live in Canterbury with my husband Chris. We have two children, a labradoodle named Oliver, two cats (Jet and Stella) and a flock of chickens. In my pastime, I enjoy gardening, spending time in nature on walks on different trails in CT and traveling to different National Parks.


Coventry Grammar School Goals, 2022-2023