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Grade 1

Grade 1 is a time for growing. As the First Grade day expands to a full schedule, children have many opportunities to fill their time with enriching experiences. Whether through formal instruction or play, each First Grader is on the path to growing into the unique individual he or she is destined to be. The growth seen at the end of the First Grade year is astounding. The teachers feel privileged to be an integral part of this all-important beginning process.

First-graders love to talk. They love to run and play and giggle. They also love to learn, especially when their learning is fun. The world is opening up to them as they become budding readers, writers, and mathematicians. First-graders come to think of themselves as “experts”, and love to share their opinions with enthusiasm and creativity. When given activities that relate to their interests – hands-on, social, and just plain fun – the children become excited, and their teachers do, too! Learning is happening all around the children, and everyone delights in being part of it.

First Grade teachers strive to build a community of learners through communication, cooperation, and collaboration. In addition, teachers focus their efforts on a print-rich environment. First-graders are provided with many opportunities to develop creative oral and written expression. First Grade teachers help to develop a love for reading using a variety of materials, with an emphasis on guided reading instruction. Math, science, and social studies programs help children develop concepts and make connections to the world outside their door.

Our goal is for young students to feel secure and confident in their First Grade learning community. Together, we help children become independent problem-solvers while working as an integral part of their First Grade team.