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Grade 2

Second Grade is a time when children are developing and applying more reading strategies to both fiction and non-fiction text. Themes are developed in the core reading program, and there are many extended guided reading experiences with leveled materials. The children work on these materials in both large and small groups that are flexible.

Formal spelling is introduced in Second Grade with a focus on a progression of developmental phonics. The goal of this program is to have the children easily apply their words to daily writing. This is enhanced by the Cast-A-Spell program that supports our focus and bolsters reading and writing fluency.

Narrative and expository writing are important components of the Second Grade curriculum. With narratives, children learn the importance of catchy beginnings and the need to develop a main event that will be interesting to the reader. The initial work of expository writing is taught through many of the social studies and science units.

Math in Second Grade is based on open-ended exploration of the various curriculum concepts. Math skills are developed in a spiral design so that the essential concepts are interwoven throughout the school year.

Cooperative, flexible groups are formed in Second Grade to foster sharing and to develop more expansive learning. This allows each child to “shine” in an area of particular skill or expertise while illustrating the strength and talent that each individual brings to the group.