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Our Kindergarten program provides an exciting variety of experiences designed to stimulate interest, encourage discovery, and promote success. The curriculum is implemented through direct instruction, language-based activities, and learning centers. At Coventry Grammar School, we strive to accommodate different and varied rates of growth and development in young children.

In Kindergarten, there are opportunities for children to acquire language, physical and cognitive competence, and social and emotional skills. Kindergartners are very active learners. As such, they learn math and literacy skills and concepts through play, field trips, nature experiences, art projects, music, and movement. Kindergartners learn to think and solve problems while exploring their environment and interacting with their peers. Making informed choices and logical decisions are encouraged throughout the educational process.

During the Kindergarten year, children develop independence in thinking, self-confidence, curiosity about the world around them, and the willingness to take risks.

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