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Reading Intervention


triangle divided into 3 sections that shows Tier 1, 2 and 3 

At CGS we follow an MTSS approach to provide all students with the instruction that they need to be successful. All students have access to high-quality, tier 1 instruction in their classrooms. If a teacher finds that a student needs more support than the tier 1 programming in order to be successful, they can request a SAT (student assistance team) meeting. The SAT committee, through data analysis and strategic planning may determine that the student needs in class, tier 2 support. This additional, targeted, small group instruction is provided by the classroom teacher. If a student requires additional support beyond tier 2 support, they would qualify for tier 3 support.

Tier 3 support is provided in a pull-out setting by one of our reading intervention staff using a tier 3 program. Our reading intervention staff is comprised of reading consultants, reading specialists, special education teachers, and reading paraprofessionals. In this setting, students are instructed in a small group or one-on-one setting. Instruction is tailored to each student’s needs and goals. Progress is monitored weekly using Acadience Reading Progress Monitoring Measures to ensure students are growing towards their goals. Students are provided with targeted, systematic instruction in all areas of reading including phonics, phonological awareness, comprehension, fluency, writing, oral language, and vocabulary. 

Tier 3 Programs


Fundations with Geodes

Fundations utilizes a structured literacy approach grounded in the science of reading to make learning to read fun while laying the groundwork for lifelong literacy. The program’s research-based approach and extensive materials allow K–3 teachers to confidently present a carefully structured reading, spelling, and handwriting curriculum using engaging, multisensory techniques. Fundations is aligned with the science of reading and guides teachers to provide effective instructional practices.

Geodes are a collection of knowledge-building books for emerging and developing readers.  They are interesting, complex, and beautiful “readable” books that allow students to practice applying taught skills and concepts while learning about important ideas in science, history, and the arts. They are aligned with the phonics scope and sequence of Fundations, meaning students will only encounter words that they know how to sound out at that point in the year.  

The Fundations and Geodes intervention provides a second layer of instruction to what is being learned in the classroom and at CGS is used when students need a reteach of grade level material.

Orton Gillingham

Orton Gillingham is a highly structured approach that breaks reading and spelling down into smaller skills involving letters and sounds and then builds on these skills over time. This approach uses explicit, direct, sequential, systematic, multisensory instruction to teach reading, which is not only effective for all students, but essential for teaching students with dyslexia.

This program explicitly teaches connections between letters and sounds. The program includes teaching of skills and application in controlled texts (decodables). At CGS, this program is generally used when Fundations instruction does not seem to be enough for the student and previous grade level material needs to be retaught.


Empower Reading is a program used only with grade 2 students at CGS. It is developed by The Hospital for Sick Children.  This reading program is a comprehensive evidence-based reading intervention program for struggling readers.  Empower Reading has five distinct reading intervention modules that address decoding, spelling, reading comprehension and vocabulary skills, but we focus on decoding and spelling in second grade. There are five different strategies introduced to give students various ways to support decoding and spelling. At CGS this program is generally used for students in grade 2 who have already been instructed using Fundations and Orton Gillingham in previous years.