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Coventry RISE Program (18-22)



Reaching Independence through
Support and Education

124 Lake Street
Coventry, CT 06238
(860)742-7346 x4555
Program Staff

Karen Bohr
Special Education Teacher
Lisa Levesque
Job Coach

“Disability is the Inability to see Ability”
V. Khanna

RISE Building
RISE Student Work Area
RISE Student Lounge Area
RISE Parking facing Coventry Lake
Mission Statement

The RISE Program is an evidence based program set out to enhance and enable growth in young adults within the areas of independent living skills, vocational experiences, and self-advocacy.

Who We Are

The Coventry RISE Program is a program for students who are 18-22 with disabilities who have fulfilled their Board of Education graduation requirements. It is a collaboration of the individual, family, school, and community to support secondary students’ special education services while maximizing each student’s potential for a successful transition toward adult independence.

The RISE Program is located at Patriots Park, a few miles away from the high school campus, to allow the students to feel maximum independence as they transition into a new adventure in their life. The building has a full size kitchen, laundry facilities, restroom, social area similar to a family room, classroom instruction area, a large multi-purpose room for a variety of life skills classes, and a staff /office conference room to provide students with an authentic life skills learning experience.


A word from our students…..

“This is my College of Life” M.B.

“I am learning skills that will help me become an independent adult”. E.S.

“The staff helps me to work at a variety of jobs so that I can explore and find out what I really 
want to do for a job.” M.R.

“I am happy that I am able to work in a preschool to have experience because that is what I want to 
do when I leave the program.” H.M.

“I like making new friends.” E.Y.

“We may not have it all together but,
together we have it all”