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Portfolio/Student Led Conferences

As a requirement of graduation, all students at Coventry High School will create an e-portfolio which highlights their work throughout their time in school. Each portfolio artifact will be directly connected to our school expectations and showcased in the manner of the student's choosing.

Please refer to the requirements below regarding what needs to be collected each year.


Portfolio Requirements

  • Lead a Student Led Conference with your parent/guardian and teacher
  • Demonstrate your progress towards all 7 Learning Expectations by providing work samples
  • Reflect on the work you did throughout the year


student presenting portfolio at computer

No Portfolio, No Diploma

All Seniors must attend the "Portfolio Night."

All CHS students must complete a Portfolio in order to graduate.

Portfolio Night

Students load their portfolio during the evening.

Teachers circulate to verify that all requirements have been met. Open to the public.

Portfolio Requirements

Total Requirements by Portfolio Night

  • Cover Letter that includes:
    • Personal Introduction

    • Goals

  • Resume
  • At least 7 Work Samples and All Expectations Addressed
  • Reflections on each work sample
  • You will be scored on overall presentation and an oral defense.


What happens if I get an "Incomplete" on my Portfolio 3rd quarter?

After receiving an INCOMPLETE, contact Ms. Oleksenko and Ms. Casale.

The INCOMPLETE grade is important data for future reference, and will show whether your portfolio has been on track for 4 years.

NOTE: If you are a SENIOR expecting to GRADUATE, you MUST ATTEND PORTFOLIO OPEN HOUSE, and present your portfolio. If you attended and received an INCOMPLETE, you must contact Ms. Oleksenko and Ms. Casale to properly complete your portfolio. After successful completion of your portfolio, then you MUST SCHEDULE AN AFTER-SCHOOL formal presentation to 3 Staff Members. If you DID NOT attend the OPEN HOUSE, then you must contact

Ms. Oleksenko and Ms. Casale to properly complete your portfolio and then MUST SCHEDULE AN AFTER-SCHOOL formal presentation to 3 Staff Members.

What's a multimedia electronic format?

The portfolio may not be a collection of documents stored in folders on the computer. The portfolio MUST be organized by a single file, program, website, or other computer form that allows you to 1) display and/ or make hyperlinks (clickable links) to your work 2) Display and/ or make links to your explanations of how your work relates to Coventry High School's goals and expectations and 3) Display and/ or make links to your resumé, personal introduction, etc.

IMPORTANT: Your files need to work on any computer. (Need to be open-able using Microsoft Office and the programs on our computer. If it's a program that they only have in a CAD lab, try making a screen shot (picture- CTRL+ PRINTSCRN) and pasting into "paint" or "photoshop" and saving as an image. This was you can display samples of your work and reflect upon the work as a whole in your reflections. If you know how to save as a PDF, that works best on websites (the new labs at CHS let you do it from Word). You can also put text right into your webpage. You shouldn't need to "provide" the files for your portfolio on portfolio night with a Flash drive--Plan Ahead.


A hyperlink is what you click on when you're on a website and you go to a different page. Or when you click on a "LINK" and download a file. You can do this in Word and PowerPoint by going to "Insert" and selecting the file you want to open when the person clicks the link.

Did you know that in Word, you can "SAVE AS WEB PAGE" ? This means that the new file it creates will look like a page in Internet Explorer even though you might have just saved it in the school's network (your folder). You can do the same thing with PowerPoint. I've found that you lose the style/format of the page when you save as a web page, but a solution is making tables in the place of columns.

How do I write my reflections?

E-Portfolio Reflection How-To Form

Portfolio Presentation Resources

To Create a Website

Sample 1

Sample 2

Google Sites - From Google Drive, Go to New > More > Google Sites

Additional Resources