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The school counseling curriculum is delivered to all students. There is a written curriculum of the school counseling instructional program delivered and or coordinated by school counselors. The curriculum includes student competencies for each grade level. Methods and timelines for delivery of units of instruction include, but are not limited to, classroom instruction, small group discussions, presentation to assemblies and collaborative activities with teachers, pupil personnel specialists and other qualified personnel. The curriculum promotes instruction that addresses the three primary domains of human growth and development: academic, career and personal/social. These three areas are referred to as the content of the school counseling curriculum.

School Counseling


School Counseling Philosophy

The Coventry High School Counseling Department facilitates student development in three broad areas:

Academic Development
Career Development
Personal/Social Development

The comprehensive school counseling model emphasizes commitment to designing, planning, implementing, and evaluating a program that has a clearly defined mission. Our school counseling organization allows us to deliver our program through curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and system support.

We believe that all students possess intrinsic worth and are capable of personal growth and self-direction. The CHS counselors have a responsibility to promote the student's identification and development of his/her skills, talents, and interests in order for him/her to make choices in a world that presents conflicting challenges.

Our mission is to create an environment that meets the academic, social, emotional, creative, and physical needs of all individuals so they can learn, continuously improve, and meet the challenges of an ever-changing society.

We are a learning community of students, teachers, staff, parents, and volunteers devoted to helping and inspiring every student to realize his or her full potential by providing a variety of learning experiences in a safe, supportive, challenging, and mutually respectful environment.

School Counselors & Pupil Support Services Staff

Korrie Fetta
School Counselor
Ext. 4154
2023-2024 Caseload:
(Last Names)
Grade 9: - A-G
Grade 10: A-G
Grade 11: A-D
Grade 12: A-Hal
Heather Casale
School Counselor
Ext. 4161
2023-2024 Caseload:
(Last Names)
Grade 9: H-Phe
Grade 10: H-Ph
Grade 11: E-N
Grade 12: Har-P
Heather Casale


Jamie Johnston
School Counselor
Ext. 4152
2023-2024 Caseload:
(Last Names)
Grade 9: Phi-Z
Grade 10: Po-Z
Grade 11: O-Z
Grade 12: R-Z
Jamie Johnston
Shirley Holloway
School Social Worker
Ext. 4148
Kathryn Strange
School Psychologist
Ext. 4149
Debra Foran
Department Secretary
Ext. 4160

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