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Please contact Ms. Casale (ECE Site Coordinator) for more information!

UConn ECE is a concurrent enrollment program that provides an opportunity for high school students to take actual UConn courses taught by instructors who have been certified by UConn faculty as adjunct professors. ECE students are non-degree UConn students, eligible for a variety of benefits. ECE courses are equivalent to those offered at the University of Connecticut and are eligible to receive University credit. While some of our ECE courses are also AP courses, this program provides UConn credits in addition to any AP standing that students may receive through the AP exam. The UConn credit is awarded as a result of the grade the student receives in the class.

Students will receive University credit if they receive a final average of at least 73, have applied to the ECE program and have met all other specific ECE requirements outlined in each course syllabus. This credit is recorded on a University of Connecticut transcript, which is available upon request from the UConn Official Transcripts office. If a student is accepted and enters the University of Connecticut, the credit automatically becomes a part of the student’s academic record. If a student attends another institution, the University will furnish an official transcript of the course work to be submitted for transfer credit. More information is available at and the Coventry High School Counseling Department.

CHS Course TitleUConn ECE Course Equivalent
ECE Drawing IART 1030: Drawing I (3c - $125, Fall)
AP/ECE English 12ENGL 1010: Seminar in Academic Writing (4c - $160)
ECE French 3268FREN 3268: Grammar and Composition (3c - $125)
ECE Latin American StudiesLLAS 1190: Intro to Latin American and the Caribbean (3c - $125)
ECE Discrete MathMath 1030Q: Elementary Discrete Math (3c - $125, Spring)
AP/ECE CalculusMath 1131Q: Calculus I (4c - $160)
ECE Spanish 3178Spanish 3178: Intermediate Spanish Composition (3c - $125)
AP/ECE StatisticsSTAT 1100Q: Elementary Concepts of Statistics (4c - $160)

All students who want the opportunity to earn UConn credit for the above courses must register for the ECE Program.

The registration process includes 2 steps:

  1. Complete and Submit Online Application through UConn
  2. Enroll in Courses Online