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CHS teachers’ goals are to help students learn and become responsible citizens. To do this effectively, teachers at CHS work collaboratively to best meet the needs of our students. Teachers welcome active parental communication with the school. At CHS we believe in developing strong partnerships between students, parents, teachers and support staff to ensure that our students develop to their fullest potential.

To the left are some of the resources available to our students at CHS. Please click on them to learn more about them and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Please click the following link to see more information regarding Pupil & Staff Support Services.

Korrie Fetta, School Counselor, Ext. 4154, Email
Heather Casale, School Counselor, Ext. 4161, Email
Jamie Johnston, School Counselor, Ext. 4152, Email
Shirley Holloway, Social Worker, Ext. 4148, Email
Kate Strange, Psychologist, Ext. 4149, Email
Lanna Ibrahim, Nurse, Ext. 4172, Email