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Enriching Middle School Experiences

Future Problem Solvers (FPS) Program

  • Grade 6 = four days/week as part of the related arts schedule rotation
  • Grades 7 & 8 = four days/week as 2nd ELA block of the week
Field Trips & Activities
  • Booklet Writing Sessions – After-school and in-school sessions where students complete competitive writing booklets as individuals or in teams of four using their knowledge of a specific topic and applying the FPS Problem Solving Process.
  • ½ Day Seminars – students learn more about the topic they are studying. Normally in person, this year they will be over zoom.
  • Evaluation of Booklets – some 7th & 8th graders, along with a parent or two participate in the evaluation of booklets and special components.
  • Special Component Workshops - these are held during the school day as a pull-out for those participating in Scenario Writing, Scenario Performance & Art
  • FPSP State Conference – many of our students have qualified to participate in this futuristic competitive writing problem solving challenge.
  • FPSP International Conference – for many years we have had students qualify and attend this prestigious event involving students from all over the world.
  • Professionals in the field of the topics we are studying.
  • Parents and families
  • State FPS Organization


CNH Morning Show

  • Grade 8 = Show Directors (4) – meet several lunch blocks during the week to plan the weekly show.
Student responsibilities:
  • Coordination & scheduling
  • Creating special segments & script writing
  • Filming & video editing
  • Communication with faculty and students
  • What are you thankful for?
  • Healthy Habit
  • Safety Reminders
  • School Spirit
  • Interesting Facts shared with students
  • Birthday Celebrations – shared in scrolling video format
  • Introduction video & ending credits – all designed by students
  • Principal
  • Library Media Specialist
  • Technology Dept.
  • All Teachers in the Bldg. that need announcements
  • Music Dept.
  • World Language Teachers
  • Student Council



Veterans Day Assembly

  • Grade 8 = 2 students that function as masters of ceremony and organizers of the assembly
    • Crafted the entire video for our pre-recorded Virtual Assembly.
  • Grade 7 = 2 students that assist with the organization of the assembly – these students will become the masters of ceremony for the next year.
  • Grade 6, 7, 8 = Students from all grades contributed letters, posters, poems, & videos for our veterans.
  • Students also had the opportunity to participate in physical challenges through their Physical Education classes, including the 22 Push-up Challenge.
Student Opportunities
  • Poem Contest
  • Poster construction
  • Video through FlipGrid
  • Letters to our service men & women
  • Sweat for our Vets - 22 push-up challenge & other physical challenges
  • TAPS trumpet players
  • Donate money to Wounded Warriors
  • Donate socks to Soldiers Angels
  • Dress nicely on Veterans Day in honor of our Veterans.
  • Library Media Specialist
  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Social Studies Teachers
  • Music Dept.
  • Grades 6-8 ELA Teachers
  • Teachers that are Veterans themselves
  • Technology Dept.
  • Local Veterans


Video Editing

  • Grades 6, 7, 8 = These opportunities are available to a few students as a pull-out once or twice a week, but the majority of the students that participate in video editing require time after school to work on their projects.
Video Projects
  • Weekly Morning Show
  • Veterans Day Virtual Assembly
  • 8th Grade Promotion Video
  • 6th Grade Orientation Video
  • Meridian Stories Digital Storytelling Competition
  • Fox 61 Student News Segments (competitive program)
  • 8th Grade Students & Parents
  • 6th Grade teachers and students
  • Other teachers and professionals that become involved with the Fox 61 student news project.


3D Printing

  • Grades 6-8 = 3D Printing is offered as an independent project in the spring through the CEP program.



  • This year’s staff meets once a week on Thursdays (most students meet B block, but 2 students meet during E block)
  • Grade 6 = 6 students contribute regularly to the layout, design, writing and art
  • Grade 7= 5 students contribute regularly to the layout, design, writing and art
  • Grade 8= 3 students contribute regularly to the layout, design, writing and art
  • Grades 6-8 = Opportunities are made available to all students to contribute to the school newspaper.
Contribution Opportunities
  • Sports
  • Book & Movie Reviews
  • Comics/Cartoons/Jokes
  • School-wide surveys and contests
  • Short Stories/Games – word searches, crossword puzzles, sudoku
  • Calendar of events: Town & School
  • Teacher, Student & Community Interviews
  • Birthday lists and Horoscopes


NPR Student Podcast Competition

  • Grade 7 = Small group of students working on this


    • Students learn how to write, produce and combine segments of a podcast to create a short submission for an NPR competition.

Stock Market Game

  • Grade 7 = Small group of students competing in this option as a year-long project.