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The elementary years are recognized as being very crucial in a child’s life. It is during this time that attitudes toward self, peers, and society are developed.

The ultimate goal of the elementary schools is to develop each child’s desire to learn and understand through the skills of communication, conceptualization, evaluation, and self-discipline. This happens best in an atmosphere of cooperation, effort, play and mutual respect by the student, teacher, and parent. Within such an atmosphere, the child is provided with the opportunity to succeed and to develop self-confidence.

The goals of G.H. Robertson Intermediate School will be presented in the following skill and content areas: Literacy (reading and writing), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Music, Art, and Health Education.

The following objectives are particularly stressed during grades 3-5:

  1. We should promote acceptable self-concepts that are attuned to an individual’s emotional and social needs.
  2. We should develop, in each learner, an appreciation of and respect for the dignity, worth, and property of all people.
  3. We should provide each learner with the skills, attitudes, information, and values necessary to accept and deal with changes.
  4. We should provide learning experiences for the student that will be sufficient in scope so that he or she will understand a given problem or situation and be able to reason and reach a logical solution.
  5. We should develop, in each learner, knowledge of the democratic ideals as well as an awareness of the values necessary for citizenship.
  6. We should expose the student to the beauty and culture of our area, our country, and the world.
  7. We should provide an educational experience within the school that makes a student understand who he or she is in relation to the world today so that he or she will be able to make life choices that are fulfilling and effective.

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