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Grade 5

Bulletin board science display

Our goal is to encourage every student to perceive learning as a continuing process. Education should prepare children to be productive and responsible members of our local and global communities. Students should recognize that learning is relevant and meaningful, and a life-long process.

In the fifth grade, the staff strives to promote student confidence and independence in order to begin the process of preparing students for the middle school. Students follow a daily schedule and switch classes for the core subject areas and related arts. Each student is assigned a locker and an assignment pad to develop organizational skills and study habits.

Fifth grade students are important members of the GHR community as they are role models for younger students. To foster good citizenship, students are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • Respect classmates and teachers.
  • Cooperate and help others.
  • Be responsible and organized.
  • Have a positive attitude and do your best.