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Math Intervention

Intervention provides students with an opportunity to increase math skills at their instructional level. Each class is designed to meet the individual needs of students within a small group setting. This is in addition to small group classroom instruction.

How long are students in Intervention?

There are 3 cycles of intervention.  Students may enter or exit intervention any time during a cycle. Most math intervention groups meet three times a week for 30 minutes each session.  This intervention occurs outside their regular classroom and in addition to classroom instruction.

How would my child qualify?

  • Smarter Balanced Assessment Data 
  • End of Module Assessments from Eureka Math (classroom data)
  • Fact Fluency data (classroom data and Reflex Math data)
  • Teacher Recommendation

What programs are used?

The programs we use for Math Intervention are MobyMax, Building Fact Fluency, and Bridges Math. 

Bridges Intervention System  

All students can make sense of mathematics. Some students just need more time, more opportunities or more support than others. This approach emphasizes problem solving, the use of faithful visual models and a focus on developing fluency.

  • Provides targeted instruction and assessment for essential K–5 mathematics skills and concepts.
  • Utilizes a strengths-based approach that builds on each student’s abilities—starting with manipulatives, then moving to two-dimensional representations and mental images.
  • Deals with major Common Core State Standards clusters for Grades 3-5.
Building Fact Fluency 

A Toolkit for Addition & Subtraction offers teachers and their students an engaging approach to building deep conceptual understanding of number facts through classroom-tested practices grounded in research. 

  • Provides multiple opportunities for students to explore math concepts in different contexts and build connections across ideas.
  • Provides students with opportunities to learn, apply, and practice different strategies over time to build lasting understanding.
  • Engages students in solving real world problems 

Using a differentiated learning approach, MobyMax is designed to meet the unique learning needs of each student. The program targets areas where students are struggling and allows students to progress immediately once mastery is achieved. 

  • Utilizes assessments aligned to state standards to identify missing math skills
  • Provides continuous progress monitoring of student skill development
  • Breaks math concepts into small, achievable skills in lessons that includes targeted practice