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This webpage is designed to help you locate and use resources from Library Media class independently. Once you are comfortable using this library, all kinds of doors will open for you. However, if you ever have a question, please ask us for help or reach out to our Library Media Specialist.

Mrs. Phillips: Library Media Specialist



Grade 3 Research Pretest

Grade 4 Research Pretest

Grade 5 Research Pretest


Use this Makey Makey Doc to help test your design!

Watch this video to learn some Makey Makey tips and tricks.

Are you reading for an artistic coding challenge? There are three on this Doc for you test your skills!

Looking for something to read?

Follett Destiny Catalog

Our online CATALOG can be accessed from anywhere.

Nutmeg Children's Book Award

Connecticut's Nutmeg Book Award website.

Unite for literacy

Hear some non-fiction books narrated. You can even listen in different languages!

Booth and Dimock

Visit our town library's catalog for more ideas!

Internet Search Options: Use these resources to search safely.

Kid's Search Engine

KiddleDino SearchKidrex

Lesson Resources

GHR Listening ActivitiesAccess our Listening Comprehension lessons.

Scholastic GO is an awesome research database ready to use at GHR! Families, please contact Mrs. Phillips for outside of school access.

  • Do you know how to spot "fake news" online? Try Common Sense Media to learn 5 easy tips!
  • Remember the RADCAB acronym too!

Now test your skills:

Let's learn the facts about online research.

Do you believe these are reliable websites?

-Can you help save this endangered species?

-Help your dog have a happier life!

-Learn about some of our most famous explorers

-Try this new version of water!

Student Resources

Do you have some free time ? Here are some links you may try:

Wonderopolis: Where the wonders of learning never cease!

Free Rice : Learn something new AND help feed the hungry!

What Should I Read Next?: Find your next great read!

ABCya Word Search Generator: Make a word search for your classmates!

Interland: Learn more about online safety!

Mrs. Lodge's Library Game: Become a master Library Shelver!

Become a Digital Citizen: Watch these 18 Internet Safety videos for kids.

Watson the Walrus teaches you online safety. Play games and learn more!

Practice coding with these fun games on or on Tynker.

Tinkercad: Learn how to engineer and design a 3D print!

Have some holiday fun with Technology!