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Program Location:
Hale Early Education Center
1776 Main Street
Coventry, CT 06238



The Coventry School Readiness Council was established in 2006 in response to a statewide initiative to provide grant assistance to accredited programs that made preschool and child care spaces available to Connecticut families. The primary goal of the Council is to support the positive development, education and well-being of young children – ensuring that every child in Coventry starts school “ready to learn.” In addition, the grant provides guidance and financial assistance to families.

School Readiness Council

The State of Connecticut’s School Readiness legislation mandates that a School Readiness Council (SRC) be convened to ensure compliance with School Readiness grant policies, to oversee program implementation, and to make recommendations to the Superintendent of Schools and the Town Manager on issues related to early childhood. SRC membership includes designees of the Superintendent of Schools, the Town Manager, staff of the Coventry Public Schools, representatives from Booth and Dimock Library, the Coventry Recreation Department, the Coventry Human Service Department and community members and parents. This collaborative effort has been instrumental in providing services that have assisted families in the Coventry community for the past 13 years.


Council meetings are open to the public and community and parent participation is encouraged.


If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the SR Council please contact Mary Sposito, School Readiness Liaison at